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    Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce
    900 Chapel Street, 10th Floor
    New Haven, CT 06510
    (203) 787-6735 Fax: (203) 782-4329




    Larry Bingaman

    Larry Bingaman
    South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority
    Chairman of the GNHCC Board of Directors
    (203) 401-6720


    Tony Rescigno

    Anthony Rescigno
    (203) 782-4340 



    Chamber Staff

    Jenna Adams

    Jenna Kozodoy
    Partnership Services Manager & Director of PULSE
    (203) 782-4342



    James Takami

    Chief Financial Officer
    (203) 782-4344



    Anne Benowitz
    Business Development Executive
    (203) 782-4327



    Katrina Ceballos
    Office Support


    Lisa Anderson

    Maureen Cohelo
    Science Fair Program Consultant
    (203) 782-4334


    Patricia Daniel
    Office Manager
    (203) 782-4311


    Taylor Dunnigan
    Communications & Events Manager
    (203) 782-4337





    Betsy Herlihy

    Elizabeth Herlihy
    Business Development Executive
    (203) 782-4372 



    Steve Mangini
    Office Administrator
    (203) 782-4302 



    Robyn Mastrobuoni
    Events Coordinator/Graphics & Communications
    (203) 782-4323 



    Katie Reilly
    Events Coordinator
    (203) 782-4371 


    Walter Nester, Jr.
    Business Development Executive
    (203) 782-4318


    Sue Rapini

    Susan Rapini
    Executive Vice President
    (203) 782-4317


    Nicole Salvatore

    Nicole Salvatore
    Communications Specialist

    (203) 782-4310


    June VanBruen-Moreland
    Executive Assistant
    (203) 782-4301



     Natalia Xiomara-Chieffo

    Program Consultant, Greater New Haven Leadership Center

    (203) 782-4341



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    Address for Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce:
    900 Chapel St./ 10th flr.
    New Haven, CT 06510-2802

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