executive orientation 2016

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  • EXECUTIVE ORIENTATION PROGRAM (XO) Different from LGNH, the XO is an abbreviated 4-session program with topics that are designed for senior executives in for-profit, nonprofit, and government sectors, interested in exploring and understanding the relevant issues, resources, economics and dynamics of the Greater New Haven region. This program facilitates strategic connections between participants in the XO program and influential decision makers and leaders within the Greater New Haven area. 
    This program will kick off October 24, 2017


    Dates (meets 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)

    Oct. 24: Regional Resources, Strategic Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility

    Nov. 7:  Aligning Organizational Chaos, Building Relationships with Banks, Leveraging Human Capital, and Global Strategies 

    Nov. 20: Real Estate Outlook, Protecting Your Assets, Economic Landscape

    Dec. 5:  Private Tour of New Haven Museum, Guided Bus Tour of New Haven, Presentation of Certificates