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  • Health Care & Life Sciences Council Health Care & Life Sciences Council

    The Health Care & Life Sciences Council acts as a resource for individuals and companies in the industry, or adjacent to the industry, to identify issues, trends, and innovation that influence the health care legislative agenda. As the New Haven region has become the hub for young, growing BioScience companies, the council will integrate this trend into all its programming initiatives. The Council meets on the first Tuesday of every month at various locations. Signature programs include the Health Care & Life Sciences Awards Breakfast and the Chamber Wellness Challenge, a 90 day series to encourage a healthier and happier life. For details, contact Glenn Archer at 203-782-4327 or garcher@gnhcc.com. Visit retreatbehavioralhealth.com

    Human Resource Council Human Resource Council

    The HR Council is committed to the interchange of ideas, the education of its members, and serving as a vehicle for the distribution of information. The HR Council is composed of representatives of companies who are responsible for the Human Resource tasks in their company. The Council meets on the first Friday of every month. For details, contact Glenn Archer at 203-782-4327 or garcher@gnhcc.com. Visit carmodylaw.com

    Non-Profit Resource Council Non-Profit Resource Council

    The Nonprofit Resource Council, (NPRC) is comprised of senior-level executives and board members of nonprofit organizations, and business professionals who have experience working with these organizations. The Council provides a forum where not-for-profits can share information, best business practices, explore possible collaborations, and partnerships with for-profit members of the Chamber. The council meets on the fourth Wednesday every other month. For details, contact Ray Andrewsen at 203-269-9891 or randrewsen@quinncham.com. Visit wadvising.com

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    Small Business Council Small Business Council

    This council is comprised of small businesses and sole proprietors who meet regularly to share ideas, challenges, opportunities and best business practices. Its programs include networking and targeted seminars aimed specifically to assist small business members of the Chamber. The Council Steering Committee meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 8 a.m. For details, contact Ray Andrewsen at 203-782-4317 or randrewsen@gnhcc.com.

    Technology Council Technology Council


    The Technology Council seeks to educate and promote awareness of how technology can affect or impact a company's planning, security, productivity, its people, and even its bottom line. The Technology Council presents seminars, workshops, and other events related to its mission on a regular basis that features experts in a variety of fields that may include, but may not be limited to, computer hardware, software, networks, social media, cloud technology, mobile devices, the internet, and security. The Council Steering Committee meets on the first Monday of the month at 12 p.m. via ZOOM. For details, contact Glenn Archer at 203-782-4327 or garcher@gnhcc.com. Visit unapen.com

    Women in Networking Council Women in Networking Council

    Women In Networking (WIN): This women's networking group meets regularly to generate business, build relationships and share ideas. For details contact Maribel Carrion at maribel@quinncham.com. Visit beirnewealth.com

    Diversity & Inclusion Council Diversity & Inclusion Council




    The Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce recognizes the value, strength and competitive edge our region possesses within our diverse community. The role of the Diversity & Inclusion Council is to assist our business partners in serving our wide-ranging customer base hence increasing economic success for all. The GNHCC champions access and equity of opportunity through intentional inclusion of all. The Council meets the fourth Tuesday of every month. For details, contact Jesse Phillips at 203-782-4344 or jphillips@gnhcc.com.


  • Committees

    Numerous volunteers assist the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce in its goal of improving the economic growth and quality of life in the region. The Chamber gratefully acknowledges the time and talent offered by these generous and enthusiastic members. For details and information, please call 203-787-6735.

    Ambassadors/Membership Committee

    This team of enthusiastic volunteers orients new members to Chamber events and policies and helps them find meaningful ways to get involved. Council members include representatives from several state and city departments, as well as area companies, restaurants, theaters, and interested individuals.

    Executive Committee

    Appointed by the Board of Directors, the Chamber’s Executive Committee is comprised of the Officers and experienced Board members representing different industry sectors.  The Executive Committee shapes Chamber policies and programs and recommends them to the Board.

    Expo Committee

    This committee plans and runs the Chamber’s annual Business Expo. This group develops marketing materials, recruits speakers, and develops the messaging. Contact Tameika G Miller at tmiller@gnhcc.com to join. 

    Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee meets once a month to review the monthly financial statements and develop the annual budgets.

    Government Affairs Committee

    The Committee advocates for policies and funding for the region and keeps Chamber officials and members informed on legislative issues. The Committee invites various speakers to meetings to update members on local, state, and federal policy issues. It produces a Regional Legislative Agenda, a slate of priority issues adopted by the Committee in coordination with the Board of Directors, for the regional business community. The Committee meets every month on the second Thursday of the month. Contact Keyri Ambrocio at kambrocio@gnhcc.com to join.

    Economic Development Committee

    As one of Connecticut’s premier economic development and business advocacy organization, we actively reshape our methods to impact and influence our region for the benefit of all. The Economic Development Committee meets every second Wednesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. Contact Anne Benowitz, Director of Economic Development at abenowitz@gnhcc.com to join.


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