• Turning Your Business Into a Green Machine

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    The latest United Nations’ global climate change assessment report declared climate change is threatening human well-being and planetary health. There has never been a better time than now to transition your business to a more sustainable model. Building a green business and marketing plan will require some work, but it will be worth it in the long run.

    What Is Sustainability?

    Sustainability is the process of maintaining the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of future generations. Environmental sustainability, limiting business use of natural resources while reducing waste, is an increasingly important  corporate concept  globally integral to combating climate change.

    A survey of U.S. online adults in 2021 revealed: 

    • 33% think more about the climate now.

    • 68% intend to identify sustainable brands.

    • 61% intend to purchase from eco-friendly businesses.

    Be the Answer For the Rising Green Wave of Consumerism.

    The window of opportunity to build a green business is now. What does it require?  Foremost, a  conscientious analysis of green concepts to cultivate and isolate the consumers’ unmet needs. Design your startup to address these needs and create profitability by implementing the following steps.

    • Develop an eco-friendly selling point for your product or service

    • Write a comprehensive business plan

    • Raise capital

    • Establish corporate values and outline a clear eco-culture.

    • Select location and establish maximum sustainable building efficiencies

    • Hire employees committed to your vision.

    Marketing Your Green Business

    The most important step toward your start-up success is marketing and the subsequent branding of your business. Project authenticity and credibility while instilling the highest customer confidence by utilizing these profit-building strategies.:

    • Be a committed all green example

    • Focus on consumer value offerings

    • Use sustainable products for giveaways

    • Employ digital marketing: send digital files instead of paper copies. Use an easy PDF compressor to reduce file sizes before sending

    • Use the color green in logo and identity packages.

    • Develop associations and initiatives with other eco-friendly businesses.

    Identify The Obstacles And Prepare Strategies To Overcome Them

    Risk is inherent in any endeavor. Green businesses are no exception. Venture funding is difficult to receive. Innovation requires educating the consumer. New technologies need testing and time to prove reliable.

    Start-up costs are typically higher thereby extending the break-even point beyond the typical 2-5 years. Operating expenses should be carefully evaluated and budgeted higher when procuring sustainable materials, supplies and utilities.

    Start-Up Success

    Technology and innovation are combining at warp speed to create new startup businesses every day.  The diversity of green solutions is eye-opening.  Tidal Vision, a company founded by Craig Kasberg of Juneau, Alaska, provides an inspiring example of successful sustainable development. 

    At just 19-years-old, Craig captained his own commercial fishing boat. EPA regulations prohibit disposing  crab and shrimp shells, an abundant fishing industry waste by-product, in the ocean, instead transporting to landfills and incinerators.

    Kasberg put a team together and within a year-and-a half developed a green chemistry process enabling his start-up to be the largest U.S producer of chitosan flakes. They are blended into a liquid with formulas specific to each industry use. 

    Go Green 

    Going green is the next logical step for your business. Not only will it benefit the planet, it will also benefit your bottom line and reputation.

    If you want more tips and advice about going green, join your local chamber of commerce. 




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