• Pre-K through Kindergarten Teachers Needed for South Korea Language School

    Posted: 01/11/2022

    1. No criminal record and be willing to provide federal background check information when necessary.
    2. Hold a passport from an English-speaking country
    (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand).
    3. Experience in Pre-K, Kindergarten, or Elementary instruction, or hold an early childhood certification/education degree/teaching license.
    4. Minimum bachelor’s degree (BA)
    5. Growth mindset, positive outlook, and a flexible attitude to function successfully in world cultures.
    6. Willingness to professionally grow continuously to improve teaching skills.
    7. Willingness to participate in professional learning and required training courses upon arrival to South Korea.

    Job Requirements:
    • The classroom teacher will conduct themselves appropriately in a professional manner and be responsible for conducting professional English Language classes to students.
    • The classroom teacher will be required to go through an orientation and training program before beginning teaching. The Employee will also be required to attend staff meetings and workshops, which are not held during working hours but will not be considered as working overtime.
    • The classroom teacher will prepare teaching materials and incorporate English teaching methods from training and curriculum.
    • The classroom teacher will work with administration and colleagues to develop a term plan and will implement the approved plan to best support student achievement and instructional success.
    • The classroom teacher will participate in the coordination of student assessments and growth planning. The classroom teacher will work in coordination with the administration to provide student assessment results to further support the design of continual growth planning each school year.
    • The classroom teacher will coordinate with colleagues and prepare teaching materials for each class beforehand and will be thorough in their teaching and care of students in all classes. The classroom teacher is provided training, all curricula, textbooks, and other teaching resources to support an effective classroom and learning environment.
    • The classroom teacher serve as a contributing member and representative of the learning community and will conduct a professional manner during class, and when socializing with students and their families outside of class in the public view.
    • The classroom teacher will be aware of the cultural background of the students, school stakeholders, and the community expectations of teachers.