• Certified Surgical Technologist

    Posted: 02/24/2021

    Job Summary:
    Connecticut Orthopaedics is seeking a Certified Surgical Technologist to function as a member of the healthcare team performing technical and clinical duties required for surgical procedures at our Surgical Center in Branford, CT. We offer a professional, congenial work environment, professional development, and a comprehensive suite of benefits. If you are interested in joining a dynamic team of medical professionals, we encourage you to apply.
    Essential Responsibilities:

    • Case Preparation Turnover
    • Select and assemble all sterile disposable equipment, supplies, and instrumentation for a specified procedure-using physician’s preference card.
    • Stock O.R. with any needed Arthroscopy fluid, suction canisters, etc.
    • Assist the anesthesiologist, surgeon, and circulating nurse with patient transfers and positioning as needed.
    • Transfer sterilized instrumentation from the clean utility room to the O.R. using proper technique.
    • Storage and retrieval of sterile instrumentation and supplies.
    • Transfer contaminated instruments from O.R. to dirty utility room using proper technique.
    • Decontaminate all equipment, instrumentation, and supplies using proper protective precautions and proper care of instrumentation.
    • Assist in cleaning O.R. after every case including: mopping floor, changing trash, and wiping down equipment.
    • Decontamination Room
    • After donning personal protective equipment (eyewear, gloves, and gown), sorts all contaminated instruments, isolating any sharps and/or power equipment.
    • Scrupulously washes all surgical instruments, disassembling some as needed.
    • Ultrasounds all appropriate instrumentation.
    • Dries, inspects, and lubricates all instruments as needed.
    • Re-assembles sets of instruments in preparation for sterilization.
    • Passes clean instrumentation to sterilization room.
    • Prepares damaged instrumentation for mailing and shipping, promptly taking care to enclose proper documentation of package contents, including serial numbers.
    Sterilization Room
    • Testing. Assures daily Bowie-Dick and biological indicator tests are completed and pass. Assures steam indicators and indicator tape is used for all packages and instrument sets are to be sterilized.
    • Runs all sterilization cycles. Positions all sterilization items appropriately on wire racks in autoclave,
    • Chooses appropriate cycles and times for wrapped and unwrapped (FLASH) cycles.
    • Always check printout for proper sterilization parameters before transferring any instrumentation to the O.R. or to the shelves for storage.
    • Places a biological indicator in all implant and/or FLASH loads.
    • Is familiar with the days schedule and needed instrumentation and prioritizes sterilization loads to avoid delays or the need to flash instrumentation.
    • Keeps all sterilization records according to Center’s policies.
    • Stores all sterile instrumentation according to standards and Center’s policies.
    • Follows manufacturer’s instruction on all equipment maintenance.
    • Cares for all decontamination and sterilization equipment according to manufacturers and Biomedical Engineering Instructions.
    • Contacts Biomedical Engineering to schedule routine or emergency maintenance as needed.
    • Reports any equipment problems or repairs as needed.
    • Receives all incoming orders and updates computer system.
    • Receives and maintains linen orders.
    • Assists in setting up, organizing, stocking, and cleaning all supply and linen areas.
    • Assists in inventory, storage, and retrieval of supplies and equipment.
    • Helps clean and maintain rooms, equipment, and furniture according to standards and Center policy.
    • Assists with emergency procedures as directed.
    • Maintains confidentiality of all patient and Center’s communications and documents.
    • Communicates a positive and caring attitude towards patients, peers, staff, physicians, and all other contacts.
    • Other tasks as assigned by the Director, Surgical Services
    Skills and Abilities:
    • Must be able to multi-task efficiently without loss of accuracy, focus and follow through
    • Organization and timeliness
    • Ability to work safely and efficiently in a fast-paced work environment.
    • Ability to meet the needs of the Center as demanded by the schedule, particularly when overtime hours and time changes become necessary.
    • Ability to work well with physicians, employees, patients, and others.
    Experience/Educational requirements:
    • High School Graduate or equivalent.
    • Certificate from a sterilization technician program required.
    • Knowledge of reprocessing and sterilization standards.
    • Minimum one (1) year Reprocessing Tech experience required
    Job Type: Full-time