• Audience Engagement Strategist

    Posted: 06/01/2021

    Love146’s vision is the end of child trafficking and exploitation. Nothing less. We believe this is only possible through a bold, broad vision that cannot be achieved by only one person, organization, perspective, or approach. The movement of people who agree that no child should be trafficked encompasses a broad base of diverse stakeholders and supporters — people who disagree about a myriad of issues, but who all share the vision of the end of child trafficking. The movement benefits from this wide-reaching support and from its diversity; from the voices of people who come to the table with different perspectives and experiences. As such, Love146 strives to set a big table in order to foster both collaborations and the collective will to end child trafficking. We come to this table as learners, for while we seek to be experts on ending child trafficking we understand that we will never know it all. 

    Child trafficking intersects with a wide range of issues including but not limited to housing insecurity, poverty, and racism. It does not occur in a vacuum. Traffickers prey on a multitude of vulnerabilities in order to exploit children. Therefore, in order to realize the end of child trafficking and exploitation we must acknowledge and devote effort to the issues that impact and intersect with child trafficking. By setting a big table we seek to cultivate connections with, partner alongside, and learn from those working to address related issues. A big table offers space for interdisciplinary approaches and solutions.

    At Love146, our decisions and actions are guided by our vision, mission, values, and equity statement. A big table allows for more nuanced understanding of the issue of child trafficking and encourages continued conversations that can lead to real solutions for children. We don’t expect everyone to be comfortable at all times or to agree on all things. However, for those who want to listen, learn, and grow alongside us, there is always room at the table.


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    LOVE146 VISION: The end of child trafficking and exploitation. Nothing less. 


    LOVE146 MISSION: Love146 journeys alongside children impacted by trafficking today and prevents the trafficking of children tomorrow.


    REPORTS TO:  Director of Communications


    STATUS:  20 hours/week


    COMPENSATION: $23.05 - 24.05 hourly


    BENEFITS: Seven and a half (7.5) paid vacation days annually; Two and a half (2.5) paid sick days annually; paid holidays per Love146 schedule; Employee Assistance Program (EAP); month-long paid sabbatical after five (5) years continuous employment; 403(b) plan (employer match not offered at this time).


    LOCATION: New Haven, CT (temporarily remote until Fall 2021, hybrid office schedule after that)




    ESTIMATED START DATE: August 2, 2021


    OVERVIEW:  The Audience Engagement Strategist is responsible for distributing Love146’s communications to audiences across multiple platforms, and assisting in drafting and repurposing content. Love146 has a strong brand, creativity, and subject matter expertise. This role ensures our tools and content are maximized to reach new supporters. This position drafts content, drives it, publishes it, finds new people, responds to them, and measures engagement. This person is self-starting, social media savvy, data-driven, and diligent in contextualizing content for every relevant platform to increase visibility.


    LOVE146’s COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION: Our vision is the end of child trafficking, which compels us to continually operate from a posture of learning and growing. Love146 seeks to enhance the innovation and creativity, greater productivity, and employee satisfaction that derive from a well-managed, equitable, and accessible workplace. To read our full statement, please visit https://love146.org/about/#equity.



    Creating and Distributing Content (60%)

    • Ensure Love146’s communications channels are engaging and growing, including social media, email, and website. Draft content as needed to collaborate with other team members in seeing needed posts and updates. 
    • Respond to incoming messages and comments on social media, collaborating with teammates as inquiries become sensitive.
    • Collect updates from Slack posts, staff meetings, and external sources to include in social posts and regular digest email newsletters.
    • Repurpose existing/evergreen content to ensure its maximum function and visibility.
    • Optimize distribution of all content, and advise and drive forward new content or campaigns. Consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and spotting opportunities to sync with trending topics and news stories.
    • Promote events to new and existing audiences and maintain an event calendar on Facebook for all events.
    • Implement relevant opportunities to increase email collection and new donor acquisition.
    • Look for every opportunity to connect existing and new supporters with compelling content (i.e. automated emails for donors or new email sign-ups, to engage with key messages and materials on our website).


    Audience Maintenance and Measurement, and Growth (40%)

    • Manage vendor relationships related to the activities in this job description (i.e. AdWords, analytics support, etc.)
    • Use & coordinate tools that track engagement within platforms (i.e. Mailchimp, Salesforce, Wordpress, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel…) to ensure they are capturing and using relevant information, in accordance with Love146’s privacy policy.
    • Measure audience growth and engagement across channels. Analyze data and evaluate ROI of activities, platforms, and SEO/Ads. Take actions to grow Love146’s audience.
    • Coordinate all measurements of comms, regularly communicating metrics and insights to relevant stakeholders. Advise on communications strategy using data and analytics.
    • Determine the audience for emails in Mailchimp, and if relevant, plan actions to engage certain audience segments, for example based on giving history, email opens, location, prior advocacy action, etc.
    • Respond to incoming messages and comments on social media, collaborating with teammates as inquiries become sensitive.



    • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or comparable work experience in a relevant field
    • 3+ years of experience with content creation and distribution, audience growth, and/or social and digital marketing



    • Experience with utilizing Google Analytics & other marketing metrics
    • Demonstrated ability to manage a brand across multiple social media platforms with cohesive and on-brand communications.
    • Visual sensibilities and demonstrated ability to make simple tasteful designs using tools like Canva.
    • Familiarity with email marketing (Mailchimp a plus) and all major social media platforms.
    • Quick and effective turnaround of content.
    • Writing skills to publicly communicate programmatic information using Love146’s organizational voice.
    • Discretion to quickly understand and adapt to writing in Love146’s communication style.
    • Organizational skills to ensure on-time and within-budget delivery of objectives, including keeping all stakeholders on task.


    • Analysis
    • Collaboration
    • Deadline Responsiveness
    • Impact
    • Initiative
    • Learner Attitude
    • Cultural Competency



    The incumbent must spend long hours sitting, using office equipment and performing computer operations, which requires intense mental and visual concentration and eye hand coordination.  The incumbent is located in a busy, open office area with regular interruptions which may cause stress. The incumbent is required to deal with a wide variety of people on various issues. 

    Love146 is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.