• Career Development Advisor, Speech and Language Pathologist

    Posted: 05/21/2021

    Position:                                  Career Development Advisor, Speech and Language Pathologist  
    Supervisor:                              Executive Director of CareerAbility
    Days/Hours:                            Full-Time, Flexible
                                                    As assigned by supervisor 
    CareerAbility at Chapel Haven Schleifer Center, Inc. was founded to meet a vital element of Chapel Haven’s mission: meaningful employment for the individuals we serve. Meaningful employment is predicated upon an individual’s abilities and interests, it should contribute to the individual’s quality of life, and allow each individual to earn a competitive wage for their work.
    Determining placement effectively requires that an individual is given both opportunity and choice as they enter the world of employment
    As a key member of CareerAbility, the Career Development Advisor works closely with the Executive Director. He/she is responsible to inform, provide guidance, and assist in the development of the career advisement component of CareerAbility and its overall program and services. We seek to fill this role with a Speech and Language Pathologist who has considerable knowledge and understanding of speech and language disorders and management procedures used in habilitation/rehabilitation.
    Frequently serving as the initial point of contact for CareerAbility, he/she recommends appropriate CareerAbility services and programs. The Career Development Advisor’s goal is to advise CareerAbility clients and staff on matching career exploration (Discovery) options, career training, pre-vocational opportunities, and finally job placement options that will give job seekers a future with the greatest balance of financial payoff and job satisfaction. He/she performs this task in consultation with individuals receiving services and the individual’s career management team.
    The Career Development Advisor assists individuals who take part in our residential and community programs, as well as non-residential students. Some individuals may have lost their jobs, are unemployed, unhappy with their career choices, or are uncertain about career options.

                                         ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF POSITION

    • Leads intake/referral process into CareerAbility and carries a caseload. Works one-on-one with individuals, providing career guidance and advisement, as well as observations, assessments, job coaching, or support throughout Discovery/Facilitated Discovery experiences and throughout employment as needed.
    • Considerable knowledge of understanding of speech and language disorders and management procedures used in habilitation/rehabilitation. Knowledge of speech and language programs and of diagnostic methods and their applicability to the ASD/DD population.
    • Skill in individual and group instruction. The Career Development Advisor (SLP) will provide individual and group instruction to current caseload, as well as within CareerAbility’s workshop catalog, and to family, employers, or industry. The Career Development Advisor may seek out potential clients by giving presentations on CareerAbility services in support of Admissions.
    • Must have ability to evaluate skills of speech and language status and basis of disorders and ability to interpret medical and psychological data bearing on speech pathology, as well as reviews of other previous clinical or educational assessments for career/interest and aptitude assessments/inventories for career planning. He/she considers and evaluates an individual’s education level, work history, personality, interests, and skills and suggests careers that match his or her background, abilities, choice and interest.
    • Ability to prepare reports, records and instructional material. Considerable interpersonal, oral and written communication skills, ability to lead/present information in key stakeholder meetings, trainings, and workshops,
    • Works with individuals to develop their Personal and Career Development Plan (PCDP). Accomplished by reviews of individual records, interpreting assessments, inclusive of  speech and language assessments, providing pre and post-employment counseling/advisement, administering career interest assessments, providing support during person-centered career planning, and recommending job matching opportunities.
    • Advocates and determines need for career exploration (Discovery), training, internships, and/or job placements by developing with the client a career pathway plan. Works with clients to develop a career pathway plan that includes measurable goals, data collection on progress and provides feedback and resources to help accomplish these plans.
    • Attends all client team meetings. Maintains communication with CareerAbility, parents, and other CH staff and service providers as needed. This position has a high level of involvement leading meetings with families, the public, and other key stakeholders regarding their interest progress in CareerAbility services.
    • Contributes to, maintains, and updates CareerAbility databases. Ensures confidentiality and up-to-date maintenance of all client reports and records.
    • Prepares proposals and appropriate billing to families with Executive Director’s approval. Supports billing processes as assigned.
    • Assists with creating and contributing to CareerAbility curriculum, scheduling, programs, and training. Supports staff and client with identifying proper placement, on-boarding into placements, placement success, and placement retention strategies.
    • Acts as liaison with DORS, BOE, DDS, DSS, and any other external agencies/parties involved with career development for individuals on caseload.
    • Collaborates on the development and enhancement CareerAbility, including its programing and services, developing sites for training, career exploration (Discovery or Facilitated Discovery), or job placement.
    • Refers clients to community resources, as appropriate.
    • Performs other job-related duties and responsibilities assigned by supervisor.


    • Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate degree in speech pathology or audiology from a program accredited by the American Speech Language-Hearing Association.
    • Incumbents must possess (or be eligible to transfer license) and maintain a license as a Speech Pathologist issued by the Connecticut State Department of Health Services in accordance with the applicable Connecticut General Statutes.
    • Must have experience in standardized assessments, vocational/career development or transition services, data collection, and report writing. IEP and AAC knowledge is a plus but not required.
    • One (1) year Speech Therapy experience in the field of ASD/DD, Mild/Severe Disabilities, Education, or Vocational Rehabilitation.
    • Minimum of five years’ experience working with young adults or adults with developmental and social disabilities.
    • Excellent verbal presentation and written communication skills.
    • Valid CT driver’s license and use of personal vehicle and proof of insurance required.
    • Experience within career counseling or workforce development desirable.

    Full time, Exempt. Typically 40 hours per week, Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., Occasional evening and weekends as needed for special events or client support.