• Work-Based Learning & Training Manager, Special Education (SPED)

    Posted: 05/21/2021

    DEPARTMENT:                  CareerAbility
    POSITION TITLE:              Work-Based Learning & Training Manager, Special Education (SPED)
    SUPERVISION BY:             Performs duties under the supervision of the Chapel Haven Schleifer Center’s Consulting Director of Education with oversight by CareerAbility’s Executive Director.
    DAYS/HOURS OF JOB:     Full-Time, Flexible
                                                    As assigned by supervisor. 
    The Work-Based Learning & Training Manager, Special Education supervises the CareerAbility staff, students, and clients within work-based learning and training. These opportunities include but are not limited to career pathway training, special projects, work-based learning, PAVE, individual and group vocational opportunities, on-the-job training, social enterprises, post-secondary education, and apprenticeships. The Work-Based Learning & Training Manager, Special Education works under the supervision of the Executive Director and works closely with all Chapel Haven Schleifer Center (CHSC) programs and work sites.
    He/she coordinates educational and vocational opportunities for the students and clients within CareerAbility with the goal of facilitating the special education processes needed to maximize their personal and career development. This individual is highly trained and experienced and holds a specialized certification. In collaboration with Work-Based Learning Specialists and Career Pathway Training Instructors, teaches students in programs such as: PAVE, Career Pathway Training, and CareerAbility workshops.
    Essential job responsibilities:

    • Supervises the staff of work-based learning programs (such as PAVE and other WBL work sites) and career training (Retail Sales, Culinary Arts, etc.), including any consultant or partner training providers, as well as department interns or student teachers.
    • Coordinates special education programs and services; developing related goals, objectives and recommending policies; planning, implementing and working with staff in evaluating the special education component of CareerAbility’s programs and services.
    • Implementation of Individualized Education Plans (IEP)/504 plans in classes and inclusive, community based work-based learning sites. May manage a caseload of assigned students to uphold IEP, where applicable, and will be responsible for upholding their goals and expectations.
    • Serves as a liaison between with Chapel Haven programs, training /work sites, state agencies, and families. Effectively communicates verbally and in writing updates to clients, state/community agencies, students, parents, and guardians, and CHSC staff.
    • Frequently leads or facilitates progress and team meetings, using a strength based and client centered approach, as well as contributes to career management team meetings.
    • Reviews and sets benchmarks for supervised staff, including scheduling, monitoring progress of short/long term goals, case management team plans, and ongoing feedback and training.
    • Significant time is required for analyzing/developing curriculum, data, planning activities, monitoring programs/services, and consulting with program personnel and consultants. Ensures curriculum and program offerings are developmentally appropriate, curriculum/standards-based, community based (where applicable), and relevant to employment. Integrates new developments, research findings and best practices into ongoing programs and new initiatives.
    • Delivers regular ongoing career coaching services and classroom instruction which includes but is not limited to, one-on-one tutorials, post-secondary support, virtual offerings, professional development classes, and cohort-based curriculum.
    • May job coach and transport clients when coverage or specialized support is needed. Provides on-call (sub) support to Instructors and Work-Based Learning Specialists.
    • Ensures all documents are completed in a timely manner (according to state, local, and CHSC policies and procedures). Coordinates with team to complete quarterly IEP and state or program progress reports. Provides regular CareerAbility progress reports and updates as required.
    • Develops and manages strategic employer relationships yielding sufficient work-based-learning & career training opportunities for CareerAbility. Engages in business development for the purposes of cultivating work sites, open houses, recruitment for programs, curriculum and program development, and employer and community outreach activities.
    • Serves as the resident expert on work-based learning, vocational, special education, and career training best practices. Trains Chapel Haven staff on these practices. Represents Chapel Haven at industry conferences. Supports ongoing training/support to employers as needed.
    • Creates screening and referral tools to support admissions into programs. Recruits students to enter programs, along with instructors and wbl specialists.
    • Prepares, organizes, monitors, and maintains accurate, updated information in both electronic and paper formats reflecting progress with BOES/other state agency goals, personal and career development plans, reporting, attendance, credential attainment, and short-and long-term outcomes.
    • Collaborates on the development and enhancement CareerAbility.
    • Additional duties and ad-hoc projects as assigned.


    The ideal candidate will be "highly qualified" and have a master’s degree in Special Education and certification in Special Education, or a Bachelor’s Degree and certification in Special Education. Must have 1 to 2 years of successful classroom teaching experience as a special education teacher. Prefer 2 or more years of teaching experience.
    Supervisory experience of 1-3 years desirable.
    Demonstrates an advanced understanding of instructional strategies for students with developmental and social disabilities, specific learning disabilities, and varying abilities.
    Extensive background knowledge with IEPs.
    Demonstrates strong skills in partnering with families.
    Demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to communicate effectively with a diverse group of colleagues, parents, families, and employers.
    Be committed to meeting the career pathway needs of a diverse population.
    Ability to be resourceful, creative and maintain flexibility.
    Ability to bring and sustain considerable stamina and vigor to all aspects of the work.
    Demonstrates computer skills, with experience using Microsoft Office software programs
    Valid CT driver’s license.
    Use of personal vehicle and proof of insurance required.