• Your Three Day Road to Solopreneurial Success

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    There are as many roads to owning and running a successful business as there are business owners. However, while the approach is always particular to your circumstances, one thing is certain: a proper start helps set you up for success. 


    What does a proper start for solopreneurs involve? Read on to find out!


    Day One: Prepare Your Transportation


    Just like you wouldn’t hop into a vehicle without certain checks and equipment, you should prepare properly for your business’s future. Focus on ensuring your basic essentials today for a smooth ride. 

    • Use tools to test drive your business idea.

    • Select a business structure with fuel for your future; for instance, you can form an LLC in Connecticut which could be just as appropriate now for your solo venture as later if you decide to expand. 

    • Create a road map for your business in the form of a business plan. This will help you identify goals, fine tune your financial picture, and could even be useful for securing funding. 

    • Become a part of your local chamber of commerce for the many advantages it offers, like learning opportunities, area business information and an instant B2B network.


    Day Two: Let the Rubber Hit the Road


    With basic preparations completed, you’re ready to start rolling! The objective for today is to win your first customer. 

    • Who is your ideal customer? Answer this question to help you define your outreach strategy.

    • Start building your brand with a well-constructed logo, color scheme and tagline.

    • Rev your engines with a website tailored to your business and your audience. 

    • Peel out towards customer number one: search online in blog posts/comments for someone specifically looking for your solution; send an email blast to all your connections; reach out via social media to family, friends, former colleagues, classmates and so forth. 


    Day Three: Cruise Towards Growth and Success


    There’s no stopping you now! With a green light for growth, cruise on towards the future with the keys to make it happen.

    • Looking for affordable marketing avenues? Social media offers a world of possibilities!

    • Customer analytics can be a vital tool for staying in tune with your audience.

    • Consider outsourcing tasks that are outside your skill set or that might drain your reserves.

    • Could you use a little money to fuel your tank? Look for grants or loans that could fit the bill. 

    Your journey to a successful solopreneurship won’t be the same as anyone else’s, yet certain strategies are universally sound. ZenBusiness can partner with you along the way and help to ensure you’re set up for success. In fact, they have assisted over 100,000 businesses before yours. Take advantage of their wealth of experience and wide range of services; they offer everything from website building to securing your EIN to filing your annual report. Connect with ZenBusiness today, land your first customer tomorrow, and be ready to grow the next day. Visit zenbusiness.com or our membership directory page to learn more!