•   President's Message



    April 14th, 2020

    At the Chamber, we have a tremendous amount of optimism for the coming months. We will remain vigilant, understanding that the vi- rus has not yet been defeated and new variants pose additional risks. Based on the success of the vaccine, though, it is easy to imagine brighter days and an upswing in economic activity, but only if enough people choose to be vaccinated. 


    Over the next several months, the Chamber will support efforts to increase vaccination rates. We have and will continue to promote people coming back downtown, supporting their favorite stores, and dining at restaurants, but the long-term future of these activities hinges on defeating the virus. The success of the vaccine offers the most direct route to bringing back business, bringing back jobs, and returning to some normalcy. 


    The point of this effort is not to force anyone to take the vaccine who does not want to, or to shame people who are hesitant or have questions. Rather, the Chamber hopes to serve as a connection point to information. We have already held informational webinars on the vaccine with medical professionals from Yale New Haven Health and the Yale School of Public Health, and we will hold more. 


    The effectiveness and speed to market of these vaccines are a testament to science, the biopharma industry, and American business. Many people still have questions and that makes sense; it is normal. Please watch for our webinars where we will take all of your questions and connect you with medical experts.


    Taking the vaccine is an individual choice that has community-wide impact. I have received both vaccine shots, and they felt like freedom to me. Still none of us, even the vaccinated, will be completely safe until the virus is fully defeated. We have the weapons to do it. If we act together, we can end the Pandemic, and bring back business and bring back jobs.