• Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce, PULSE Young Professionals Network, presented by Southern Connecticut State University
  • PULSE is a group for local young professionals (ages 21-40). The group is made up of more than 500 young people representing a variety of industries and types of work. Our mission is to connect Greater New Haven's young professionals with each other and with the community through social and professional networking events, educational seminars and community service projects.

    Attracting and retaining young, energetic professionals is vital to the growth and success of New Haven. The Chamber is part of a coordinated effort to make New Haven a desirable place to live, work and play for everyone, including young professionals who represent our region’s current and future workforce.

    For more detailed information on joining PULSE and a meeting schedule, contact: PULSE Liaison Mackenzie Vinci, mvinci@gnhcc.com, 203-782-4323.

    Click HERE to see the PULSE calendar for upcoming events.

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  • Grace Gothers
  • Mackenzie Vinci

    PULSE Liaison

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