• The Region

  • The Greater New Haven area is very rich in assets. There is an abundance of arts and culture, including fine restaurants, stunning architecture, world-class museums, theatre, eclectic boutiques and bookstores, all within walking distance. South Central Connecticut benefits from its proximity to the world-class New York metro area, while retaining the charm and heritage of New England.

    In New Haven, older commercial buildings with unique architectural character have been converted to apartments and condominiums, creating a vibrant downtown residential community and bringing an energetic life to center-city streets.

    Overnight visitors are served by numerous hotels and motels, including the 100% emission free Hotel Marcel, the 4-star Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale, The Study at Yale hotel, and the Graduate New Haven.  Entertainment is plentiful with a downtown movie theater, three live theatres, one of the oldest symphony orchestras in the nation, the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, Yale University theaters and museums, the Knights of Columbus Museum, and an array of galleries, clubs and music attractions.

    Service and financial industries continue on a steady course, with an emphasis on banking and communications companies.  Regional institutions, including hospitals, health care, higher education, and social service agencies are more connected than ever to the community’s well being. These institutions cooperate to form a web of services, with life-long education offerings, contributions to housing and home ownership, and access to economic opportunity for all.  

    There is a growing trend to preserve and restore architectural and historical treasures and to set aside tracts of open space as natural resources. Many of the suburban towns around New Haven are updating their comprehensive plans of development to maintain their character while encouraging a strong business base.